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torsdag den 10. januar 2008

A prayer

A prayer

I prayed that you could feel
The caring, not only from god
But also from your friends
Because we care!

I prayed that you could have the strength
To get trough a sad and lonely day
That you can feel the strength
Not only from god
But also from your friends

I prayed that you could find
Forgiveness in your heart
And forgive all the wrongs
Done to you, like god forgive you

I prayed that you could feel the love,
The caring and the thoughts
There was send to you
Not only by god
But also from my heart !

Copyright ©2000 - 2009 Merian Holmberg

The Butterfly

The Butterfly
If I try to too be like a butterfly
And fly up to the sky, to see the sun
The sun will burn the butterfly's wings
And it tumble too the grounds and die
I wish I was that butterfly!

If I try too be like a fish
And swim in the beautiful sea
A fisherman's hook will be
Stuck in my fin and there it will
Stay too the end of the day
And the fish will die that way

If I try too be like a hedgehog
And see the world that way
I will cross the road some Day
And all I will see, is the car
Running over me

If I try too be like a small bird
Sitting on a pole, singing of joy
I wouldn't see the bird of prey
Hanging over me, flying would
Not rescue me.

If I try too being me there is something
Very dark hanging over me
Every time I open my eyes and try to see
Those darkeners are all
I see.So why try too be me

Copyright ©2000 - 2009 Merian Holmberg

In the night

In the night
A dog, bark somewhere silent in the night
Mix with a small child's cry, a siren howling,
And people are running home, the sadness off
The night is coming, the aloneness is here, and soIs my fear?
Like darkness, the fear is getting more and more
Near, where can I hide?
The shadow is get is own life
There is a man with a knife, and nobody is hearing my cry.
This is the aloneness off the night, and my fight!!

Copyright ©2000 Merian Holmberg

lyseblå balloner

lyseblå balloner
I et univers af lyseblå balloner
Har mennesket mange sjover faconer
En evighedsmaskine er skabt for at få mennesket til at grine
Der er næsten en pine
Badet i lyset fra blårøde violer
Løber der mænd rund med pistoler, skyder
på de små fed koner som plukker af de nye bogreoler
I et univers af lyseblå balloner
Dør mennesket, med de sjove faconer !!

Copyright © Merian